Vacant jobs at V P Plc

2013-05-14 - V P Plc
Small Plant Fitter
Electrical engineers, Greater London

2013-02-04 - V P Plc
Production and operations department managers in manufacturing, Hertfordshire

2013-02-04 - V P Plc
Temporary Hire Controller
General managers in construction, West Yorkshire

2013-01-21 - V P Plc
Inside Fitter
Electrical engineers, West Midlands (county)

2013-01-03 - V P Plc
Railway Plant Fitter
Electrical engineers, South Yorkshire

2012-12-10 - V P Plc
Outside Fitter
Civil engineers, Lothian

2012-12-03 - V P Plc
Assistant Branch Manager
Personnel and careers professionals, West Yorkshire

2012-11-30 - V P Plc
Driver/branch Assistant
Mail carriers and sorting clerks, Cheshire

2012-11-29 - V P Plc
Quality control, Lancashire

2012-11-22 - V P Plc
Lifting Point Examiner - Hire Station Ltd
Ammunition- and explosive-products machine operators, Kent

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