Research Analyst
FWE Quant / Chemical and physical science technicians / Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
Please note that the application deadline has passed.

Research Analyst

Job Type: Full-Time

Salary: £27,000

Opening date for applications: 09 October 2017

Closing date for applications: 09 November 2017

Location: Gerrards Cross, SL9

Company Information

FWE Quant is a quantitative research and consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom.FWE Quant aims to conduct research and build mathematical models on financial and related markets. FWE Quant would look to monetise the Intellectual Property generated via consultancy or licensing arrangements.

Job Description

We are looking for a quantitative analyst/researcher to join our team. A strong academic foundation relating to our needs is essential. The role entails multi-asset quantitative strategy, development, testing and implementing. You will be required to research strategies in Matlab, develop live code in Python and organise data in MySQL. Alongside this there will be requirements to build front-end apps for data visualisation.


* Decipher quantitative models from academic papers or other tech sources * Clean large amounts of strategic data via statistical methods such as
PCA * Construct an efficient database to gather and preserve data * Develop and trial first-hand trading strategies * Implement trading strategies in live broker platforms * Develop an interface to regulate and overseer live strategies * Ability to read and publish financial academic papers * Work with and support all colleagues to facilitate an resourceful and high performing team * Communicate effectively within the office as well as with clients * Represent the company professionally at all times

Skills and Qualifications * Academic background in a quantitative area * Strong
skills * Strong
skills * Strong SQL and No-SQL databse skills * Acquainted with numerical calculation libraries such as
Numpy, Spicy, Pandas, PyMC3, Flask, PyQt * Strong understanding of hypothesis testing and high probability and statistical skills * Strong understanding of linear and non-linear regression models, such as factor models and classifications algorithms such as the SVS estimator * Event driven back testing and live trading framework development experience is necessary * Familiar with Unix/Linux system * Familiar with main trading
platforms such as
IB * Familiar with the primary financial data feeders such as
Bloomberg * Excellent
Microsoft Office
skills * Productive, independent and highly driven * Strong written and verbal communication skills * Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail

Publication date

Please note that the application deadline has passed.